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    San Andreas Civilian Operations




    General Information


    The Civilian Department is currently operating under the “Scenario-based” mindset of roleplay. However, all in-game characters retain their possessions and history. This means that if you go to jail, you will have a record and may have other consequences in-game that could limit what that character may do.


    Mission Statement


    The Civilian Department strives to provide a realistic and professional roleplay experience to all members of the community. We strive to have entertaining, yet realistic encounters with other members of the community to create situations that often occur in the real world. 


    Civilain Code of Conduct


    • Civilians must follow all departmental policies and guidelines

    • Civilians must follow the Western County RP Rules and Regulations at all times.

    • Civilians must follow the Chain of Command

    • Civilians must refrain from any type of roleplay that may be offensive to other members, roleplay including, but not limited to; age, gender, religion, sexual harassment, sexual behavior, sexual orientation, or race.

    • Civilians must create and maintain a realistic civilian character that can be tracked through the WCRP Framework.

    • Civilians must follow the Western County RP name format; First Name Last Initial and Unit Number. “Civ-###”







  • San Andreas Civilian Operations

    Chain of Command


    Civilian Director - Vacant

    Civilian Deputy Director - Vacant

    Senior Staff

    Civilian Manager

    Civilian Assistant Manager


    Civilian Supervisor

    Civilian Assistant Supervisor


    Civilian Advisor


    Senior Civilian II

    Senior Civilian I

    Civilian III

    Civilian II

    Civilian I

    Probationary Civilian

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