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    Welcome to Western County Roleplay


    About Us:

    The Western County RP is a group of people that enjoy the realism and professionalism that GTAV FiveM roleplay consists of. We enjoy the realistic training, organization and structure that created a strong based community. Western County RP is a family based and organized community, to make all members feel welcome and ready to patrol.  This server is built on three main ambitions. Professionalism, Integrity and Efficiency. Professionalism is the front line skill of in server conduct. Professionalism requires characteristics like proper demeanor, competence and proper ethics. Integrity is the quality of being a honest and genuine person with strong principles. Integrity is what builds the community from a roleplay server to a family. Efficiency is what builds the community. The idea of achieving maximum productivity is what the Administration and Staff all believe is what will grow the community into something bigger and better. It is now your turn to follow the community and our ambitions to help us follow our goals.


  • Want to join?

    We enjoy any and all members to be part of the Western County RP community. We have multiple departments available to join, with more opening in the later future. Be sure to take a look at the available departments located on the "Departments" tab located on the website tab listings. Besure to read about each department to make yourself a final decision on what you want to apply for. Applications are open 24/7, and are subject to change. Processing of your application can take up to 24-48 hours, remember that FTO's real life come before anything. Before applying, be sure you read our rules and regulations as well as the Community Requirements located on the "Resource" tab. If you have any questions, be sure to contact a Staff member! We will see you on the streets! 

  • Basic Requirements?

    Western County RP has some basic requirements to be eligible to join, ensure you meet the requirements posted below, plus the Community Requirements posted in the "Resource" tab located on the top of the website tab bars. Below are some of the requirements you must meet:

    • You must be at least 15 years of age, the date of your applying.
    • You must have a working headset, that does not cause static, echoing, or other unauthorized background noise.
    • You must have a legitimate, legal, and full Grand Theft Auto V game purchased prior to applying, unless you apply for Communications Department.
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